Educational Trip to AntwerpMUN

Just before the world was swept into chaos by the Corona, part of our BratMUN team managed a trip to the Antwerps to participate in the local (but international) MUN conference.

The where, how and why

Organized by local university students with participants from around the world (such as us from Slovakia). We were quite impressed by the location, as the conference took place in beautiful university premises.

Our delegation also managed to split among almost all of the committees and the discussions were most fruitful and interesting, with ranging topics and heated debates with skilled participants.

Check out their website:

or their mymun page:

if you are interested.

A whole bunch of determined delegates in amazing scenery.

What it meant for BratMUN

Apart from the conference itself, we were most impressed with the accompanying activities. The Quiz Night, Pub Crawl or the Galabal party were a nice distraction from the exhausting discussions and also an opportunity to get to know other participants in a relaxed atmosphere (and also to find out their actual names apart from their countries).

Inspired by this experience, we would like to implement these ideas into BratMUN 2020. Don’t want to reveal much, but You definitely have stuff to look forward to apart from the usual negotiations…

The Slovak shebang: (From left) our teacher Mr. Kindji, SG Jakub, Sebastián of PR, Martin of Finance, Matúš of PR, DSG Filip, Boris of Web/Design and DSG Lara

How did you represent Slovakia?

Great question. I am most proud to say that in each of the committees we participated, we managed to get rewarded by the Best Delegate award, the Second-Best Delegate award (forgot the precise name, I am very sorry) or both. In Slovak there is saying: „Slovák sa vo svete nestratí. “ A translation would be that for a Slovak person, the world is an oyster 😊.

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