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Bratmun 2023: It’s All Coming Together!

Propelled by the shared passion for debate and collective determination to shape a brighter future, a selection of students from all the various programs at Gymnázium Jura Hronca (GJH) have gathered to form the secretariat of a MUN conference. After the initial conception of the values and ideals which are to stand at the very core of Bratislava Model United Nations 2023, the organising team are already tirelessly working around the clock to ensure the smooth framework of the conference. Above all, MUNs are an excellent opportunity to polish leadership, public speaking, and critical thinking skills, all invaluable in the twenty-first century. Venturing to build on the past, honour the legacy of BratMUN, and shape the future, the conference will be an experience taking place this December.

The Secretariat

Behind BratMUN’s return stands the secretariat; a community of individuals determined to persevere the values the conference has represented in the past, and create an environment fostering productive debate and elevated discourse. In what is a historically first integration of students from GJH’s national programs into the secretariat thus far comprised solely of international (IB/MYP) programs, an influx of commitment to excellence and resolve to meet high standards guarantees the exceptionality of the 20th edition of BratMUN. With a larger talent pool, the diversity of skills and world-views in the secretariat ensure that the conference remains thought-provoking, engaging, and truly, an event to remember.


When organising a conference, the at times lengthy process of course has its setbacks, and in many ways each conference is a completely unique experience. While numerous positive lessons can be learned from looking to the past, a concurrent stream of innovative ideas and changes is always needed in order to assure we effectively move forward, drawing on history while building the future. As the end of the year and December, though seemingly out of sight, slowly but surely approach, it is appropriate to go over the details of what to expect from BratMUN 2023.

The application process for this year’s conference happens through Mymun, which helps us simplify the process of applications and processing delegate fees, and provide early means of effective communication before we transition to a different platform. This way, we benefit from a collaborative shared online space for all MUNs across the world and provide you with a more smooth and comfortable delegate experience.
We also managed to get our hands on a new venue. About a 15-minute walk from the previous one and equally well connected by public transit to the rest of the city, it is accessible even from more remote accommodations, and provides you with a direct link to the very centre of Bratislava’s Old Town. The new spaces are another symbol of BratMUN’s rebirth, ready to host delegates for the unforgettable experience that is an MUN conference.
Finally, since the epidemiological situation in 2020 and the subsequent years prevented BratMUN conferences from taking place, a few changes have been made to the communication platforms used by the BratMUN team. Though the official website and Facebook account remain the same, due to technical difficulties, our official Instagram account has been replaced with @bratmun2023.


Our secretariat will continue to update you on any changes or news about the upcoming conference in December through this website, Mymun, and Instagram. In the meantime, go check out the committees we’ve set up on Mymun, and think about which committee you will be applying to once the delegate applications open.

See you at the General Assembly!

~Tatiana Petovská


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