Bratislava on the map

Not quite as well-known as the cosmopolitan cities of London or Paris, yet Bratislava succeeds to keep up with the European giants with its unforgettable atmosphere, unique location and outstanding cuisine. Lying at the very heart of Europe, it has always been a flourishing centre of trade, settlement and culture. When visiting, you can easily combine all these components together and see some of the many things Bratislava has to offer.

Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava

In the city centre there are quite a few galleries and museums, like the Slovak National Gallery (SNG), lying on the bank of the Danube and providing a perfect insight into contemporary and historic art from the whole region. If that is not enough, you can pay a visit to more than 20 galleries and museums which Bratislava is home to.

The most notable museum is in Bratislava Castle, where you can experience a music exhibition while relishing the view of one of the city’s extraordinary treasures - the Bratislava Castle itself. The view from the castle offers a picturesque panorama of the old town as well as the Austrian fields on the other side of the Danube.

Bratislava Castle

As for the atmosphere, Bratislava is known as the city of remarkable and exceptional city life. In the Old Town, many cafés and restaurants help create a memorable experience for all visitors and tourists. Luckily, the city still has its own unique and authentic atmosphere unharmed by the effects of mass-tourism and globalization. The benign attitude and open-mindedness of its residents make the rest of the trip an unforgettable experience.

What to do
Where to go

Among galleries and museums, one can also indulge in other activities. Many alternative events connected with fashion, art and design are held monthly in Bratislava. The city has undergone a major cultural development in recent years and is continuing to prosper in the cultural sector.

Restaurants & food

You may enjoy our national meals when visiting Slovak Pub. If you want to try typical Slovak cuisine, ask for “halušky” (pronounce it "halooshki" or listen to this link), which is a delicious dish consisting of potato dumplings with goat cheese and bacon. After the meal you can enjoy a glass of our national beverage Kofola. However, if you prefer something different, numerous restaurants offering international cuisine will satisfy your needs.

After having enjoyed a great meal you can go to the Old Town and enjoy a nice evening walk along the spots of old architecture and new modern cafés. The best coffee spots are listed for instance here


If you want to see more, we recommend you visit these websites, which provide a good deal of information about what to see, upcoming events in Bratislava, but also where to go for a good meal.