Blogs related to the beautiful city of Bratislava.

Bratislava boasts around half-million inhabitants, making it a comparatively small city. It is, however, the capital of our country and its exploration offers an insight into the history not only of Slovakia, but also of middle Europe. So, do explore! We will gladly tag along!

General advice

Walks. Whether walking along the Danube, in the numerous city parks or through the many small alleys, there is no better way to feel the genius loci of Bratislava.

Generally, Bratislava is quite a calm, safe and peaceful city. Don’t hesitate to just sit down on some bench and relax. Sometimes it’s more valuable than rushing and pushing in crowds…

Ask us! In the organizational team, the overall sentiment is of loving Bratislava. We will gladly talk about it for hours (at least myself) and share with You our personal Do’s and Don’ts.

City center

It’s small, but in a good Slovak way. You can actually see most of what it has to offer during your short stay here and leave with a nice warm feeling of accomplishment in your heart.

If You want a vibrant experience, Friday or Saturday is the day for you. The small core of the city is where all of the action happens and it is certain to be quite an experience (positive).

Delving into all of the numerous points of interest would amount to a book; we prefer a more personal approach where you tell us what you’re interested in and we select the crème de la crème of what the center has to offer 😊.

The Christmas market in the city center…


The Bratislava Castle. Go there through the small alleys and streets, look at the beautiful view and try to hide Your enthusiasm and the fact that Bratislava is amazing.

The Devín Castle. Now this one is tricky as it is a bit afar from the city center. It is a ruin and it offers a spectacular view not only into the landscape, but also into the history of our region.

The Presidential Palace. Well, its not a castle, but it still is very pretty. Located in the center, its façade and neat garden located right behind are more than worthy of Your visit.

Shopping malls

Not much to say here. They are in Bratislava, you can do all sorts of shopping, eating and drinking in them and they are at hand. They also have cinemas if you like movies…

Final word

This pseudo-guide might seem vague and general, but that is on purpose. We don’t want to give You lengthy manuals with useless details.

As already mentioned, we think a more personal approach is better, with us tailoring advice to Your needs. Also, it is a teambuilding and getting-to-know-each-other-better device 😊.

And that is precisely what we at BratMUN are aiming for. To share with You what we love about Bratislava and perhaps to show you why Slovak culture is lovely and worth experiencing!

Further reading:

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