Please go through the Conference Rules before you proceed, i.e. to get to know who is eligible to register for BratMUN 2019.

2-step registration The registration process is divided into two steps to ensure that we can reach the country and committee preferences of every delegate as closely as possible. In Step 1, Faculty advisors are asked to register their delegation as a whole. Once a delegation is offered a place to participate at BratMUN 2019, Faculty advisors will receive unique log-in portals in Step 2, through which they shall submit further information about their delegates.

Delegation pickup deadline The decision after Step 1, regarding which delegations will be offered a place to participate at BratMUN 2019, will be made by 1st October 2019. However, some delegations, particularly those traveling from abroad, might receive an offer earlier.

Single delegate option For BratMUN, students usually register as part of a delegation, not as individual delegates. Nevertheless, if you are a single delegate wishing to participate, write us an e-mail to and we can examine your specific situation.

Faculty advisor information

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School contact information

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Delegation size

Please, bear in mind that the number of delegates a delegation is applying with might significantly affect what country the delegation is given to represent. We might, but don’t have to, decide based on the following key:

2-3 delegates
small powers (i. e. Bangladesh, Poland, Colombia, etc.)
4-6 delegates
medium / regional powers (i. e. Israel, India, Nigeria, etc.)
7-8 delegates
global powers, G7 nations (i. e. United Kingdom, China, Japan, etc.)

Schools wishing to register more than 8 delegates will be split into 2 or more delegations

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Delegation uniqueness

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Country preferences

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I agree to pay the the BratMUN 2019 conference fees for this delegation if selected