Conference Rules


High school students only

BratMUN Conferences are organized for high school students only. We may require evidence that the Delegates attend high school. Delegates must be at least 15 and not more than 21 years of age to attend the BratMUN 2018 Conference.


Faculty advisor

Each delegation needs to have a Faculty Advisor (usually a teacher). Faculty Advisors must be at least 18 years old. Unlike Delegates, Faculty Advisors do not pay Conference fees, unless they have special requirements.


The Number of Delegates

The number of Delegates from one school is limited to 16. The only limitation is that per delegation, only one student can represent a particular country in a certain committee. However, there could be more students from the same delegation in one committee, if they choose to represent different countries.


ID tags

Organization and security matters of the Conference require that all participants wear provided ID tags all the time during the Conference. Admission to any of the Conference events including Banquet will not be possible without an ID tag.


Delegation Guide

For better orientation of Delegates, each delegation from outside Bratislava will be accompanied by a Delegation Guide, who will help them organize their time outside the Conference (dining, entertainment, public transport).


Contact in case of a problem

In case of any problems, contact your Delegation Guide or the Organization Team. Each Delegation Guide will provide their delegation with his/her telephone number and collect phone numbers of the Delegates and the Faculty Advisor. We will also provide phone numbers which may be used in case of emergency during the Conference.


Leaving the room

You are only allowed to leave the building during coffee breaks, lunch time, and at the end of a day. Do not leave the building without our notice.


Alcohol prohibited

Alcohol consumption during the Conference is strictly prohibited.



Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building of the Paneuropean University. Smokers are required to leave the building and the surrounding areas in order to smoke. Smoking is thus possible only during coffee breaks and lunchtime.


No food and drinks

No food and drinks inside the Conference rooms are allowed. A snack and drinks will be available at the coffee breaks. Do not leave trash anywhere and show respect to the venue.


Required Attire

During the official meetings (General Assembly and the Committees), formal Western Business Attire is required. Men should wear a suit or trousers (not jeans) with jacket, shirt and tie. Socks and shoes (not trainers) must be worn. Women should wear a suit, jacket and trousers or skirt (not denim) with a blouse or sweater. Dress shoes must be worn.


Respect instructions

Delegates are required to abide this code and respect instructions given by the Conference staff under all circumstances.

Rules of Procedure