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There are two airports you can use to get comfortably to Bratislava. The city’s own international airport is with its brand new terminal rather small, but provides flights to almost all Europe’s major cities and destinations. There is, on the other hand, Vienna Airport which provides connection to hundreds of destinations all over the world just 80 kilometers from Bratislava. It takes only about 45 minutes by car, or an hour by regular bus lines to get from the Vienna Airport to Bratislava.

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Traveling to Bratislava by bus is extremely popular nowadays. Bus service connects to numerous locations all across Europe and brings you comfort of Wi-Fi for longer travels.

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Find your connection to Bratislava from hundreds of destinations.

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Public transportation

The city’s public transportation in a nutshell functions like most of PT in European cities. You are required to buy a ticket for a ride which can either last for 15/30/60/90 minutes for only one ride trips (which means you can use it to get to one place including vehicle transfers) or then you can acquire 1/3/7 days long ticket which will serve as a sort of passenger card for you. There are two more pieces of information you need to remember: The instant you get on the bus, you need to mark the ticket in the nearest marking machine, otherwise it is regarded invalid. Once you have marked your ticket, keep it and do not lose it, because then you are facing a threat of fine which can be up to 70 euros. For more information about the tickets or routes of Bratislava Public Transportation: